The History of Slot Machines and advantages of playing online

Slot machines, known in different parts of the world as different names, have been around in one form or another since New York based Sittman and Pitt invented the very first in 1891.

Their simple design was a small machine with five drums, each containing the faces of playing cards. The player would spin the drums and the establishment would pay out prizes based on the winning hand. This was a precursor to the modern day slot machines, which the English call fruit machines and Australian’s would know as pokies.

The slots have become an extremely popular form of gambling within casinos and other betting establishments, and the advancement of technology has increased popularity by giving players more to do within a slot machine game. No longer does the player just have to spin the drums but there are now interactive bonus rounds as well as improved graphics and better gameplay.

Another thing that has changed over the years is the fact that players no longer have to visit an actual casino because slots are available online at betting sites and online casinos. The player can have the same interactive gambling experience without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Here are some of the advantages to using online slots instead of playing them at a casino or other gambling establishment.


One of the biggest advantages to playing online slots is the convenience and ease with which you can play.

Players do not have to worry about organizing a trip to the casino, making travel plans, getting friends to go with them, or even putting clothes on. Online slots can be played in any attire, in any room of your house with an internet signal and on pretty much any technological device.

Without the need for travel costs or parking fees, players can use their entire budget for gambling without the extra costs associated with a visit to the casino.

Large Game Selection

A real casino may have limited space or deals with certain providers and both of these things can limit the amount of slot games on offer. Players do not have this problem online.

You can sign up to several different sites and play your way through an unlimited number of slot machine games available, which is something that cannot be done in a an actual bricks and mortar building.

Players can also find slots to suit their requirements, based on how much they want to stake, style of game they are looking for, and other things, which gives a more personal approach to slot machine games.

Extra Bonuses

Perhaps the biggest advantage to playing slots online is the number of rewards and bonuses on offer.

A player will usually receive a welcome bonus when signing up to a new site, which could be in the form of free spins, boosted winnings for a limited amount of time, or even free money to play with before actually depositing any real money.

Then there are rewards and bonuses on offer all the time. Some online casinos offer loyalty bonuses or extra free spins when they deposit and spend a certain amount of money, while games within the online casino may have their own bonuses available. Such as, if you stake a certain amount on a particular game you will be eligible to enter a prize draw for big prizes such as large cash amounts or holidays.

Some online slot games also have “must win” jackpots that can drop at any time and will be won before the total prize fund reaches a certain amount or by the time the clock reaches a certain point. With many slot games linked, the same jackpot can be on offer on many different games at the same time and means you don’t have to stick to a game you don’t like just to try and win the jackpot.

Something which is becoming increasingly common is a site sending you a free spin bonus or free cash reward just for being signed up as a member. This isn’t something that happens all the time but it is a nice touch and is another advantage to being signed up to a site that provides online slot games.

Slot Tournaments

Technically, this is another bonus and is available at many actual casinos but the prizes may be greater online. A slot tournament gives players the chance to compete against other players to try and gain the most points or winnings to finish in a higher position on the leader board.

Some of these tournaments can be free to enter but most will charge a fee, with the winnings available sometimes being extremely large.

Players will be given a certain amount of points or spins to play with and there will be a time limit set for when the tournament will end. After the deadline has been reached the players will have a final position, with prizes being awarded accordingly.

Higher Payouts

An online casino providing slots will have lower costs associated with them than an actual real casino. Less overheads means more money to pay out to their customers.

Players can expect payout percentages of around 92% and some slots even offer over 99% payout rates. This simply couldn’t be afforded by actual casinos.

Another reason the payouts are bigger online is down to the many different kind of jackpots that can be won, some of which are must win and some that are progressive.

Customer Support

Another positive with regards to playing online is customer support that most reputable sites offers. You can contact for support if you have an issue with a site, problem with a particular game, or if you’re having trouble depositing or withdrawing funds.