5 Top Tips for Winning at Roulette


Anyone familiar with Casino Gambling, whether in actual brick and mortar casinos or online casinos, will easily recognize the Roulette Wheel.

The Roulette Wheel is emblematic of the luxury, elegance, and ambiance native to certain casino games.

The Roulette Wheel is the oldest of all the casino games still in vogue today. This game has enjoyed long patronage because it’s easy to play and tension/fun-filled.

As a green twig looking to try out the gambling experience, the Roulette Wheel represents a relatively easy choice.

But bear in mind that even though the game may appear easy to start, experts believe it may not be the smartest game for a novice because of the odds.

For a long time, many scientists and mathematical prodigies have tried, albeit in vain, to beat the Roulette Wheel but where the Roulette Wheel stops in a game is simply a matter of chance. No arguments.

This game features a beautifully colored wheel in which a small, white ball spins around a groove and down into one pocket, also known as a compartment, on the wheel.

There’s a seductive aura about the game of Roulette and with some time-worn tips, you can enjoy the game and even make some money while you are at it.

This article will spotlight 5 Top Tips for Winning at Roulette but as always, let’s attempt a brief glance at the basics of Roulette.

In a game of Roulette, you place piles of colored chips on a long rectangular table and after all the bets are made, the dealer, also known as the Croupier, will spin a large, bowl-shaped wheel with corresponding slots marked by colors and numbers in an anticlockwise direction.

If you’re playing in a physical casino, you should be able to feel the tension in the room as the ball and the wheel spin, whirrs and slows.

Players will hope for the ball to drop into one of the numbered pockets they bet on.

In summary, the gist of Roulette is simply guessing where the ball will land when the wheel is done spinning.

The Roulette Table Layout bifurcates betting into two sections. There’s the inside bets and -you guessed it- the outside bets.

One the one hand, the Inside bets are about betting a specific number on the inside of the Roulette wheel table layout.

At Roulette, a winning bet on a single number pays 35 to 1.

On the other hand, the Outside bets are all about the numbers outside the table layout.

All of the above vignettes may not mean much to you if you’re not familiar with the game and frankly, this isn’t the time and the place to delve into the full anatomy of the game.

Let’s now discuss the Top Basic Tips that will improve your chances of winning at Roulette.

1. Understand the Etiquettes of the Game

The Roulette Wheel attracts a bunch of posh and polite gamblers interested in the game mainly because of it’s casual pace and the high level of unpredictability.

To succeed at the game, especially when you’re playing at a physical casino, you need to be familiar with the social codes of typical roulette players.

The first thing to keep in mind is this; when gambling in a physical casino, always place your money on the table when you’re asking for chips to bet. This is because the Croupier is prohibited from collecting the money from your hand directly.

Similarly, always wait on the Croupier to remove the win market from the layout before you place new bets.

If you do place new bets when the Croupier hasn’t removed the win marker from the layout, you’ve successfully announced to the whole table that you’re a novice.

Also, don’t be quick to allege wheel bias because the house routinely checks the wheel to make sure there’s no bias.

2. Don’t base your bets on past occurrences

Every spin of the Roulette Wheel is completely different from all the spins that came before it so if you decide to base your bets on some historical nuggets gleaned from past spins, you’re doing the futile.

In most cases, Roulette Tables in brick and mortar casinos feature a lightened scoreboard showing the numbers that won over the last 20 spins.

This may be a ploy to encourage players to succumb to the temptation of basing their future bets on past history, as documented on the scoreboard, because the scoreboard is of no practical significance.

3. Don’t Buy the Hype of Betting Systems

The Roulette Table attracts the largest number of players striving to apply a betting system for winning.

A betting system usually claims that there’s a known, predetermined, methodology to winning at a casino game.

But the history of Roulette bears witness to the fact that the game has little or no respect for any betting system.

The most prominent progressive betting system for Roulette is the Martingale System, in which you double your bet after each loss.

The Reverse Martingale, in which you cut your bet after every win, is another popular wagering system among Roulette Players.

Take it from us, no amount of betting systems and betting system promoters can effectively predict winning in a consequential manner.

4. Play Online Roulette on Reputable Online Casinos

When playing Roulette in an actual brick and mortar casino, you have little to worry since the Casino can’t operate proper registration and is in defiance of regulations.

The reality is different if you’re playing online.

The game software could have been tampered with in a manner you’re not equipped to detect.

To protect yourself from such a grim possibility, play online Roulette on legitimate and reputable online casinos only.

5. Quit while you’re ahead

Here comes the Super Tip! You shouldn’t disregard this tip in any gambling situation if you want to be a happy and successful gambler.

This tip is especially true in a game of Roulette owing to the high level of uncertainty native to the game.

You can have positive expectations of every bet but always remember to secure your winnings and stop playing while you’re ahead.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Roulette, like all other Casino Games, is about winning money and having fun.

We hope this tip will help you protect your money while you’re busy having fun.