All you need to know about online gambling bonuses

Online Casino Deposit

Most businesses in the commercial world compete for customers as there are few monopolies out there and the same logic applies to the online casino industry.

Online casinos compete between themselves to get customers and they appear to be ready to go the extra mile to win your business.

The direct implication of the customer acquisition drive is a lot of benefits for potential customers. Online casinos offer free cash, free bets, free spins to mention a few, to new and existing bettors.

They offer these inclusive promotions to get your attention because getting your attention in a world where people have the attention span of a gnat in the middle of so much offer, is the hardest part.

The logic behind giving you all these incredible freebies is that these online casinos are convinced that a taste is likely to make a loyal player out of you.

However, there are certain things you have to look out for when considering online gambling bonuses to use and this article will explore a few of them.

First, make sure the online casino offering the bonus has a stellar reputation. It is no longer news that the internet is home to some shady online casinos.

These casinos were designed to fleece the unwary and it takes a trained eye to pick them out because they are masters of camouflage.

As a result, the opinion of gambling review and ranking experts need to be weighed in before one considers online casino promotions.

These experts know where to look, who to consult, and how to investigate online casinos. Most of them are also bloggers on gambling subject matters. In their reviews, they do the heavy lifting so that you won’t have to start playing detective when you can be leveraging on bonuses and promotion codes. is a classic example of a blog where you can access information on online casinos and their promotions.

Again, before you consider utilizing any bonus offered by online casinos, make sure they are terrific at what they do. You also have to be sure the online casino making the offer is safe and secure since you’ll have to tender some of your personal information at some point.

The casino must also offer an incredible user experience in terms of the best software, graphics, options made available for players, etc.

In other words, one cannot realistically expect a mediocre gambling site to make and deliver an incredible offer.

Similarly, it is always better if an online bonus can be used for a wide collection of online casino games.

At times, (top online gambling sites can be guilty of these too) online gambling bonuses come with major limitations in terms of how they can be utilized. For instance, one can find bonuses for table games, great for table game lovers but useless for slot players. Or one can find table game bonuses that are, for obvious reasons, useless for blackjack players.

It is better to consider the most inclusive online gambling bonuses, for obvious reasons.

These inclusive online gambling bonuses cover lots of games and present few limitations to players, making them appealing to a larger cross-section of people.

Now, make sure the online gambling bonuses are still active before trying to utilize them.

A lot of people have benefited from bonuses and promo codes since they began gambling online while some people don’t believe in such bonuses or promo codes owing to a terrible first experience.

The truth is most online casinos out there forget to take down bonuses when they become inactive or have expired and anyone who tries to use them but discovers they are inactive is likely to assume something fishy is going on.

Some people who understand that not all these online casinos are out to deceive (some are just forgetful or neglectful) will continue to navigate through a bunch of promos offered on an online casino site before finding an active one.

Regardless, such hunts always leave a bad impression.

Ordinarily, there’s little or nothing one can do to ascertain if a bonus is still active or not without trying it out.

The only practical way forward is to work with an online casino known for its professional meticulousness; that’s what we do at NETBET.

We offer juicy bonuses and promo codes with zero hassles.

Let’s now explore some of the different types of online casino bonuses out there:

1. Online Casino Deposit Bonuses

This is the most popular type of bonus offered by online gamblers by online casinos. To get this type of bonus, one is required to deposit a particular amount of money and the casino will match the deposit to a certain percentage.

Note that the bonus funds will not be available for immediate withdrawal as one needs to satisfy a playthrough requirement before one is allowed to withdraw the bonus.

This measure, as put in place by online casinos, is a protection from people who will deposit money so that they can withdraw the bonus and their deposit without playing.

2. Cashback Loss Bonuses

These types of bonuses are not as common as deposit bonuses but with this type of bonus, one receives a percentage of one’s loss at the end of the day, week or month. It is a bonus designed for people who have lost money while playing.

3. Free Bet Bonuses

These bonuses are offered to new bettors as well as existing bettors because they are quite popular as they allow players to place a bet, win or lose, on the casino’s dime.

4. Free Spin Bonuses

Quite similar to a free bet bonus; this type of bonus awards free spins to players usually on a particular slot machine on the casino’s dime.

One gets to keep everything one wins with a free spin.

Oftentimes, this type of casino bonuses are attached to some sort of VIP offers but they can also be offered to existing bettors and new bettors. It doesn’t cost a thing to gamble with the casino’s money, don’t you think?

Online casinos are willing to take a ‘loss’ to win your business and it won’t cost you a thing to indulge them.