A glance at Indian cricket


Let’s start by stating the obvious; cricket remains the most popular sport in India; the first cricket match that was recorded was played in 1721. When you think about it, Indians have played and enjoyed cricket for close to 3 centuries.

Millions of people tune in to watch cricket games in India. in fact, about 400 million people, one-third of a population of 1 billion people, is believed to watch the cricket matches whenever they are on.

When most Indians were brought up on a diet of cricket, some as players, others as spectators of the game, there are still a few people who don’t understand what appears to be a national obsession.

There are a few rules and techniques that beginners and even veterans may find interesting and this article will explore some of them.

Even though cricket is often referred to as the unofficial national sport of India, the sport was introduced to the Indians by the British.

The game is played with two teams of 11 players each. It’s an outdoor game that can be played on any plane with a horizontal stretch of land, even though having all the required equipment and a standard pitch represents the ideal.

Because lots of Indians don’t have access to the trimmings and fittings of Cricket, a local version of the game, called Gully Cricket, evolved.

You will find everyday people playing Gully Cricket on the streets of India, on almost any given day.

Let’s now explore the rules of the game.

Understanding the rules of Cricket is a pretty straightforward affair and one can easily get a hang of it by observing a cricket match.

The team that bats first in a game of Cricket is mainly interested in scoring as many runs as possible to make sure the opposing team finds it impossible to match up.

On the flip side, the bowling team concerns itself with stopping the batsmen from scoring. This is done by the fielders while the bowler aims to hit the wicket stump so that the batsman will be out.

Now that you have a picture of a game of cricket is essentially about, assuming you’re a beginner, let’s consider the historical antecedents of the game in India.

Historical records show that Indians started playing cricket as far back as 1971 and were granted the official test status in 1932.

The first Cricket test match was played from the 25th to the 28th of June, 1932.

The Indian team played against the England team and the venue of the match was at Lord’s in London.

At the time, India was the 6th team to play test cricket. For a long time, one could say the Indian Team had a reputation for subpar performance but all of that changed starting from the 1950s. To date, India remains a stronghold in international cricket.

One cannot have a serious conversation about Indian Cricket without referencing the BCCI.

For about 92 years now, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCi) has been a very consequential, even though the controversial body. The body actively regulates cricket in India.

With the surge Cricket in India has enjoyed, the Board has become rather notorious for its monopoly and corruption allegations.

At some point, the Supreme Court of India, on the 30th of Jan, 2017, nominated a 4 member panel of administrators to look into the way the BCCI functions to implement the Lodha Committee reform.

The Lodha Committee was set up to analyze and recommend reforms for improving the BCCI by the Supreme Court of India in 2015.

The committee has to be set up after the notorious 2013 IPL Betting Scandal.

In 2013, Delhi Police arrested their cricketers: Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila, and Ankeet Chutan on the allegation of spot-fixing. These trios represented the Rajasthan Royals in the 2013 Indian Premier League.

After examining the evidence, the Lodha Committee suspended Indian Cement and Jaipur IPL, owners of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals, respectively, for two years.

The trio alleged of spot-fixing were later cleared of all charges after they were found not guilty by the Patiala House Courts.

The Indian National Cricket Team has provided some of the greatest players to the world, Sachin Tendulkar being an eloquent example.

Currently, the Indian National Team is ranked No.3 in Tests, No. 2 in ODIs, and No. 3 in T20Is.

Under the captaincy of Kapil Dev, the Indian team won the World Championship Cup in 1987 and recently won it again in 2011, under the captaincy Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Here is a list of popular National Cricket Competition played in India; The Indian Premier League (IPL), The Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Irani Trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, BCCi Trophy, among others.

The International Cricket Competitions the Indian team participates in include the ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC World Twenty20, ICC Champions Trophy, Asia Cup, Women’s Cricket World Cup, ICC Women’s World Twenty20, and Under 19 Cricket World Cup.

The Indian team shares a fierce rivalry with the Pakistan Team and their matches are widely anticipated and watched in the country.

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