Popular Sport Themed Slots on NetBet

Sport is that one activity which somehow appeals to every single person on earth. The only thing that differs from person to person is the type of sport that they have affection for. For some, they are soccer enthusiasts, some find great joy when playing or watching cricket, others volleyball, rugby, basketball, darts, pool, ice skating, hockey and so on and on. The massive popularity of sport definitely is something that would at one point catch the attention of software developers. It’s no surprise, therefore, to see that after a few years of the emergence of slot machines, software developers started to explore the idea of coming up with sport themed slots. Up to this day, hundreds of sport themed slots have since been developed.

As software developers do come up with different sport themed slots on a frequent basis, some manage to quickly cement their places in the hearts of players while some unfortunately disappear into oblivion as soon as they are released. When it comes to the former, that is, those sport themed slots which cement their place in the hearts of players, players ought to know that there is one place where they can find them all under one roof. This place is known as NetBet Casino and once players walk inside the casino lobby, they will be mesmerized by the sheer huge number of sport themed slots inside.

To allow players catch a glimpse of the inside of the NetBet Casino lobby, we are going to expose and explore some of the most popular games available.

Fishin’ Reels

Fishin’ Reels is an enthralling Pragmatic Play powered online slot machine which fuses two great sports to bring absolute buster of a slot. Which are these two sports that we are talking about? Well, first, there is scuba diving and second there is sport fishing. While these two sports are largely done for recreational purposes, players ought to know that in recent times, efforts have been made to ensure that professional leagues are set out across different countries on the planet to ensure they grow in stature – maybe one day, they may even become Olympic sports!

When spinning the five reels that come with 10 paylines of the Pragmatic Play powered Fishin’ Reels online slot, players find themselves going head to head with other contestants into the blue waters of a sea – the objective – well, there are two. The first objective is to see who possesses the greatest scuba diving skills. The second objective is to embark on a sport fishing exercise to see who will make the biggest catch. All those who are confident with their scuba diving as well as sport fishing skills will definitely love Fishin’ Reels slot game.

While the scuba diving and sport fishing actions are fun, there is also greater fun to be enjoyed once the game’s bonus features are triggered. The main bonus round is a retriggerable free spins round. This slot is available across many platforms including on the desktop, tablet as well as smartphones.

Wishing Wheel

Most people on earth can walk; however, they only walk so that they can move from one position to the next. Some however, do not just walk so that they move from one position to the other but they walk professionally that is, they make a living from walking. There are some who do walk for cause’s for instance fundraising event. This is made possible thanks to a ‘walkathon’. A walkathon is similar to sprints and marathons with the only different being that with walkathon, one doesn’t run but walk. Players who love a walkathon ought to know that there is a game that they can play which allows them to participate in a walkathon. This slot goes by the name Wishing Wheel and it comes from the iSoftBet stable.

As players start their adventure in the 5-reel and 20-payline Wishing Wheel slot machine, they will aim to land identical symbols on the same payline for the chance to scoop the game’s excellent payouts. However, what players ought to know is that with each spin, they help the Leprechaun to take a step forward in the walkathon. The more the Leprechaun walks, the higher the chances that the player gets to play the wheel feature. Once the Leprechaun reaches the necessary steps required to reach the wheel, the wheel feature activates and the player stands to win anyone of the following bonus features: Mystery Pipe, Rainbow Wilds, Mega Reels, Shamrock sync, Rainbow Reels and Ultra Reels.

Football: Champions Cup

As players can deduce from the title of this online slot game, the game comes with a sport theme skewed in favour of football as it’s known once one crosses the Pacific or soccer in all other regions on the planet. Football is arguably the most popular of all sports hence the reason why Net Entertainment decided to develop and design a football themed slot. When players start spinning the five reels of this slot machine, they can expect to encounter all sorts of symbols related to a game of football talk of the goalkeepers’ gloves, players, shields, jerseys, whistles and trophies.

While the game’s theme is certainly appealing to sports lovers, players ought to know that this slot machine comes with great bonus features which may entice even the non-sport lovers. Most notably is the Penalty Shootout bonus game. Here, the player picks a team and gets to play a shootout game. The intention of cause is to score all of your penalties and to catch as many from the opposing team. Another great bonus feature to try out is the free spins round. Just like in the shootout bonus, here the player gets to pick his team and play in four mini tournaments played over 6 free spins each. Winning the mini tournaments sees the player move one step closer to lifting the prestigious Champions Cup.

Honorable Mentions in the popular sport themed slots Portfolio

Other great honorable mentions in the popular sport themed slots portfolio include:

Break Away Tournament and Drive Multiplier Mayhem.

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