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Magic is one of the few things in this world that sharply divides opinion. On one hand, those who love magic truly do love it and cannot be swayed otherwise. Likewise, those who aren’t impressed with magic aren’t impressed at all and cannot be swayed otherwise. For those who fall in the later group, that is, magic lovers, they ought to know that nowadays, it’s possible to play magic themed games. This necessitated by the ingenuity of various software developers that design magic themed slots.

When it comes to magic themed slots, players ought to know that they won’t exactly encounter some magicians performing their magical tricks in real time, no. rather, what magic themed slots do is that they expose some of the world’s most popular magicians. Some simply relay stories of the great magical tricks ever performed. As such, by looking at this, it’s safe to say that magic themed online slots aren’t just exciting and entertaining but they are also educative.  If this sounds like something you fancy, then the best news that we are going to share with you today is that at NetBet Casino, the most exciting online casino, players can find dozens of such games.

Madame Destiny

When one picks up a newspaper or a magazine, odds are, inside, there will be a small section entirely dedicated to the (zodiac) star signs. In these sections, one can see his/her star sign depending on their date of birth and read what the future holds. To some, astrology is real – they support their argument citing how the future forecasts often come true. However, there are some who argue that astrology is all about magic and the forecasts are nothing but a thing of chance. Regardless of whether astrology s real or not, the mere lack of scientific evidence that authenticates the truth behind astrology more of magic than anything else hence the reason the Pragmatic Play powered Madame Destiny slot finds itself on this list.

Madame Destiny is a six-reel slot whose action is centred on a fortune teller. Using some potion bottles and tarot cards, the fortune teller states that she possesses the power to state what the future holds for everyone who requests her help. Wondering how to request the help of the fortune teller? Well, all that’s needed is to simply hit the Spin button of the Madame Destiny slot machine.

When playing this slot machine, it’s important for players to note that in addition to learning more about what the future holds, they also stand a chance of scooping some excellent monetary rewards. All that’s needed to scoop the rewards is to line up identical symbols on the same payline. The probability of lining up identical symbols and scooping some excellent rewards is very high when playing this online slot something that’s seen by the game’s above average RTP standing at 96.67%.

Circus Brilliant

Circus Brilliant is an EGT powered online slot machine. The action when playing this game takes place inside a circus that hosted by a brilliant, sexy and gorgeous ring mistress. Among the various acts performed during the circus are some magical tricks performed by a magician with a bag full of tricks. Just hit the Spin button continuously and the magician will pop up and start doing his thing. In addition to the magician, players are also treated to various treats by other circus performers including gymnasts.

When it comes to gameplay experience, Circus Brilliant is full of bonus features. Firstly, there is the Wild Big-Tops. This symbol possesses the substituting powers and whenever it lands on the reels, it will substitute for other game symbols in the process helping to complete win lines. Second, there is the Free Games bonus. The beauty of the Free Games round is that it’s triggered by anyone of the game’s symbols. All that’s needed to trigger the round is to land a 5-symbol winning combination.

To ensure that the online slot machine is as enterprising as slots come, the game developer in designing this slot machine did incorporate a Jackpot Card Feature. The Jackpot Card Feature triggers at random and when it does, 12 different items are presented on the screen. Each of the items hides a jackpot value which is only revealed after it’s picked. The task during the feature is to pick the items at random until three of the picked items reveal the same jackpot value – the player will win the corresponding jackpot. Last but certainly not least there is the Gamble Feature. With this option, the player can simply choose the gamble and double the previous win. To gamble, the player is asked to choose the colour of the card to be drawn next. A correct guess sees the player double the previous win amount.


Jumanji is a branded online slot game that comes from the Net Entertainment stable. The game is adapted from the 1995 movie which goes by the same name. The game features some human characters who choose to play a board game. The game however does have some magical powers which with every roll of the dice cause some weird things to happen. Players looking to see for themselves how the board game performs its magical tricks won’t go wrong when they play the Net Entertainment powered 5-reel and 36 payline Jumanji slot game.

As most of the magical tricks when playing the game take place inside a jungle, players ought to know that when playing the game, the symbols that they encounter on the reels are all jungle creatures talk of lions, rhinos, pelicans, crocodiles and the usual royal symbols. When it comes to the slot’s bonus features, players can expect a multitude of them. Namely, these include the Extra Rolls, Coin Wins, Mystery Feature, Stampede Free Spins, Monkey Free Spins, Monsoon Free Spins, Vines Free Spins, Wild Stampede, Monkey Mayhem, Monsoon Wilds, and Sticky Vines.

Honourable Mentions in the popular magic themed slots Portfolio

Other great honourable mentions in the popular magic themed slots portfolio include:

Wizarding Wins, Batman & the Penguin Prize, Batman & the Batgirl Bonanza, Batman & the Riddler Riches, Batman & the Joker Jewels.

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