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They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, the saying definitely is true; however, it’s not all exhaustive and exclusive. Some of the world’s major inventions were discovered by accident. Yes, you heard that right – there are some inventions that are significant in the contemporary world which were discovered by accident. Some of the significant and life saving inventions discovered by accident include penicillin, silly putty, safety glass, and Teflon among many others. While there are some inventions that were brought about as a result of necessity and others by accident, it’s also important to note that there are some inventions that resulted from the quest to evade restrictions enacted by the authorities. One such invention relates to sweet themed slots.

Some decades back in the West, authorities placed blanket bans on all gambling activities. However, in wording the blanket bans, the authorities said the bans were only aimed at gambling activities where the profits came in the form of ‘money’. The blanket bans affected the operation of casinos including slot games as players won coins each time they landed some winning combinations. For some time, casino operators chose to run slot games underground but business figures plummeted as only a few players were bold enough to gamble underground. As such, casino operators in partnership with software developers devised a new method of gambling, something which wouldn’t make them the targets of the authorities – the initiative they came up with was to manufacture sweet machines. Sweet machines were basically slot machines but instead of awarding players with coins for win lines landed, they awarded sweets and candy!

The blanket ban on all gambling activities didn’t last long however and after it was lifted, casino operators and software developers reverted back to manufacturing slot machines that spilled out coin wins. However, as their businesses had been kept afloat by sweets and candy, they chose to incorporate sweets and candy into the manufactured slot machines. It is at this point that the first sweet themed slots – slots featuring sweets and candy as the dominant reel symbols – emerged. Ever since, software developers have been developing and designing some sweet themed slots. At the present moment, there are literally hundreds of such online slots that have been developed and the good news is that the majority of these can all be found under one roof at our online casino.

Sweet Bonanza

It’s a galore of sweets and candy on the reels when playing the Pragmatic Play powered Sweet Bonanza online slot. All players who love things sweet, sugary and syrupy will not go wrong when they start spinning the six reels of this slot machine that come with 20 paylines. Sweets and candy are more appealing when they come in bright colours and as such, when designing this slot game, Pragmatic Play did a noble thing in mixing a blend of different bright colours including red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange to produce one blockbuster of a game.

The theme of this online slot machine is certainly a pulling factor for all players who favour sweet themed slots. However, what players ought to know is that when playing this slot game, they can benefit immensely from some stunning bonus features. Most notably, there is the Tumble Feature. With this feature, all symbols that line up together to create a winning combination will disappear from their positions once the pays are paid. Immediately after, new symbols tumble downwards to fill the vacant reel positions. Once all reel positions are filled, new win lines are evaluated again and if there are any winning combinations present, pays are awarded and the cycle continues. This feature makes it possible for players to keep landing consecutive win lines one after the other! In addition to the Tumble Feature, other features players may benefit from include the Free Spins Feature, Ante Bet Option and Bonus Buy Option.

Reel Rush

Sweet themed online slot games are mostly associated with classic slot machines. This is quite understandable owing to the fact that the first sweet themed slots were manufactured during the days when slots were just starting to dominate the casino industry. As a way of preserving the tradition of associating sweet themed slots with classic slots, Net Entertainment in designing the Reel Rush slot did fuse two themes to produce one blockbuster of a slot machine. These two themes as you can guess are the sweet theme and the classic fruit theme. All the symbols that players get to encounter on the reels playing the 5-reel Reel Rush slot game are fruit symbols which are intricately designed to resemble different sweets and candy.

The theme of the game is quite a proposition for all fans of sweet themed slots more so when one considers the sleek graphics employed which help in accentuating the game’s theme. However, apart from this, one other thing which makes Reel Rush online slot a great proposition is the fact that this slot game comes with one of the highest RTP percentages amongst all sweet themed as well as fruit themed slots. The game’s RTP stands at a massive 96.96%! What makes the game particularly enterprising is the fact that the slot comes with a unique and highly lucrative re-spins round. After landing a win line, the player wins one re-spin – landing another win line during the re-spin will see the player earn another re-spin. This cycle continues up until the 8th re-spin. Each re-spin win will help increase the number of ways to win. Re-spin 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 opens up 135, 405, 675, 1125 or 1875 ways to win. Once the eighth re-spin is reached, the numbers of ways to win significantly jump to 3125 ways to win!

Fruit Shop  

Sometimes, the beauty of anything lies in its simplicity. Well, this couldn’t be any truer when it comes to the Net Entertainment powered Fruit Shop online slot game. This slot game comes with a fruit theme fused together with the sweet theme. The symbols that are predominant on the reels are fruit symbols which are intricately designed to resemble some candies and sweets. When it comes to gameplay experience, players will enjoy a thoroughly entertaining base game.

During the base game, it’s possible for players to trigger the slot’s solitary bonus round that is, the free spins feature. When this feature triggers, the player receives 1 up to 5 free spins. These might not seem much but the thing is, the player won’t go for 20 or more spins without activating the feature hence the free spins accumulate in the shortest period of time. Owing to the simplicity of this online slot machine, players ought to know both pro players as well as beginner players without much gaming experience will enjoy the game.

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