All You Need to Know About Brag

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What is Brag?

Originally invented sometime in the XVIII century in Britain, brag is a popular card game where players use the art of vying, which is just another word of bluffing. That’s how experts describe it – a card game that’s part of the bluffing family, which puts it in the same basket as poker. As a matter of fact, it is one of poker’s distant ancestors, with modern online casino games of poker differing in hand rankings and bets.

Brag is a much simpler game thanks to the introduction of Wilds or Jokers. Originally, this card was the Knave of Clubs, and later the Nine of Diamonds got the same role. These cards were originally called braggers and that’s how the game got its name. The official rules for brag were first published in 1860 and weren’t that different from the original game.

In later years, the game of brag introduced numerous rule changes until it eventually settled on the classic three stake variant. Rules for this game were published until 2001, even if some experts considered it defunct.

The modern game of brag is a single stake game which has virtually the same poker hands.

Brag Rules

In modern online variants of brag, all the players ante before being dealt three face down cards. A single round of betting follows starting from the dealer’s left side. Each player can either bet or fold when the game begins. In case of a previous bet, the pot grows bigger. The betting will then continue until two players are left at the table.

During the final round, a player can double the previous bet and ‘see’ his opponent. The two hands are then revealed and the winner with the better hand takes the pot.

In many ways, brag is the same as poker, although unlike the modern variants like Texas Hold’em which introduce community cards.

Brag Hands

Modern variants of brag follow the same five-card poker sequences. There are some variations created by the different odds of three-card hands. A Three of a Kind or Prial is ranked highest, while the lowest hand rank is a high card. The term Prial is taken from pair royal – for example, three sevens, which are called a Prial of sevens in a game of brag.

Here are all hand rankings per strength:

  • Prial (Three of a Kind)
  • Straight Flush
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Pair
  • High card

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