An Introduction to Keno

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Here in NetBet online casino India, you can play thousands of exciting games. We’re not just talking about online slots India, which are well and truly entertaining. Every great online casino will have a variety of games on offer, including luck and skill-based table and card games which we’ll feature right here!

What is Keno?

Keno is a luck-based game that will remind most players of bingo and the lottery. Unlike newer online casino games such as Texas Hold’em—or others for that matter—, keno has its roots deep into ancient China. Its Latin name Keno means five winning numbers, which pretty much resembles the goal of the lottery. That’s the reason why these two games are pretty similar, but they share some distinct traits.

Keno found early success in casinos and bingo halls before heading online like any other casino game. It was revitalized when it did, with developers coming up with a few new variants that take the game further. While the core gameplay is the same, the user interface might differ from one variant to another. Online keno may not compete with the popularity of blackjack, poker, or online slots, but it still has millions of fans that swear in its winning potential.

How to Play Keno

As mentioned earlier, keno is pretty much similar to the lottery. The goal of the game is the same – pick one or several winning numbers which should then match your ticket and the drawn numbers. The great thing about keno lies in the winning potential. With a tiny single bet you can win millions, which isn’t something we can say for blackjack or roulette.

  • To play it, you’ll have to buy a ticket first. Depending on the variant, it can cost as little as 10 cents.
  • Now you get a virtual keno card with numbers ranging 1-40 or 1-80. Pick 10-15 numbers – online keno variants also have an algorithm that can pick for yourself.
  • Choose the number of draws you want to bet on and the maximum bet. This will have a big impact on your possible wins.
  • The machine will draw 20 numbers which will be crossed on your ticket if they’re a match. The pay-outs depend on your bet and how many numbers you’ve picked.

Keno Odds

The more numbers you select on the ticket, the harder it’ll be to match them all. Of course, the pay-outs are greater for more numbers, but on average, the probability of hitting all 20 is 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320. Yes, that’s a pretty long shot, but hitting just one number has a probability of 1 in 86.45.

  • 2/20 – 1 in 20.12
  • 3/20 – 1 in 8.01
  • 4/20 – 1 in 4.88
  • 5/20 – 1 in 4.29
  • 6/20 – 1 in 5.26
  • 7/20 – 1 in 8.83
  • 8/20 – 1 in 20.06
  • 9/20 – 1 in 61.42
  • 10/20 – 1 in 253.80

The first 10 picks are more than enough for beginners. As we mentioned, the more numbers you pick, the longer the odds, so start small and work your way up as you learn more about the game of keno.

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