All You Need to Know About Pontoon

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Here in NetBet casino, you can play thousands of exciting games. We’re not just talking about online slots, which are well and truly entertaining. Every great online casino will have a variety of games on offer, including luck and skill-based table and card games which we’ll feature right here!

What is Pontoon?

Players these days can enjoy a wide range of online casino games. We’re not just talking slots, jackpots, blackjack, and roulette. The online casino industry has resurrected many games in danger of being forgotten, including one called Pontoon. Part of the same Vingt Un group of games like blackjack, Pontoon is often known as the British domestic version of 21.

Blackjack was first recorded in Spain in the XVII century, but its influence quickly spread to Germany, France, and Britain. Pontoon is neither a variant nor a derivative of blackjack. It became popular among soldiers in World War I, and has no official rules.

While many confuse it for another blackjack game, Pontoon is a leisurely game that has no connection to it, but falls under the same umbrella of card games.

Pontoon Rules

Here’s the thing about Pontoon – there are no official rules. While blackjack, baccarat, and roulette have them, this one’s played for leisure rather than profit, so the rules are not defined. They vary from one place to the other, although there are some things to take note of.

  • The game is played with 3-7 players mostly and uses a single deck of 52 cards.
  • In modern online Pontoon variants, the players designate one of them Banker. This can also be decided when a player draws the highest card.
  • The goal of the game is to get a hand of 21 or close to it. This ultimate hand is called Pontoon, and is similar to a blackjack natural as it consists of an Ace and a face card.
  • After placing a bet, the dealing starts. He deals two cards to himself and all the players one by one.
  • If a player has a Pontoon, they can reveal it immediately and win the round.
  • Otherwise, all players may improve their hands by getting face-down cards.

The difference is that if the dealer has a Pontoon, he beats all other hands including player Pontoons. A player winning with the highest hand is paid double, although the dealer doesn’t get double in the same case.

Pontoon Alternatives

Any card game from the 21 group will feel familiar to Pontoon fans. We’d say try any blackjack variant, especially live dealer games. NetBet casino has a fantastic collection of RNG and live dealer blackjack games including the similar Pontoon. If you’re feeling like beating the dealer to a race to 21, any of these games is a great choice.

When you choose NetBet Casino, you can enjoy a whole range of top quality games. Whatever you choose, always remember to bet responsibly. Here at NetBet, player wellbeing is our number one priority – check out our Responsible Gambling tips and tools page for more information.