An Introduction to Pachinko

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What is Pachinko?

We’ve all heard about roulette, blackjack games, baccarat, or poker. However, the gambling industry is also filled with niche games available in countries outside the West that aren’t as popular as poker in Vegas. Which doesn’t make them any less exciting. Take pachinko, for example. It’s the premier gambling game in Japan, and it’s only beginning to turn popular in the West as well.

A combination of slot machines and pinball, it’s a distinct game player in special parlors in Japan. You won’t find it online in its full capacity, but developers are pretty hot on the idea of adapting these machines to virtual games. In Japan, pachinko is so big that the game accounts for 4% of the country’s GDP. It’s fun to play and very addictive, so it has all the elements of a casino great.

How to Play Pachinko

Playing pachinko isn’t hard, but you have to learn the mechanics of these complex pinball-like machines. Each of them has a unique theme. Some go classic, others include video bonus games based on TV shows, video games, or something else popular in Japan. All pachinko machines are played with metal balls you get a parlor counter – you can buy them for cash.

To start playing, you feed the machine with the metal balls and watch as they bump up and down while passing through impossible obstacles. The goal is to hit specific reward spots and not let the ball fall through the bottom. Unlike pinball, you don’t have a safety net, so once the spring is loaded and it hits the ball, you only have luck to rely on.

But, that’s what makes pachinko exciting. Modern pachinko machines are now equipped with video bonus rounds similar to slots which take the gameplay a level up and pay even more money than ever before.

Can I Play Pachinko Online?

Yes and no. Pachinko still hasn’t ‘left’ Japan and is a virtual unknown elsewhere. The good news is that Western developers and game studios have recognized its potential and are trying to adapt it. There are a couple of pachinko games online, with many in development as we speak.

The most notable example of a virtual pachinko game is a mini game available as a bonus round in Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time. The live dealer hit has four bonuses in total, and one of them is fashioned after pachinko. As time passes, other developers will also get the idea of how great this game can be, and NetBet casino will be the first in line to offer it.

When you choose NetBet Casino, you can enjoy a whole range of top quality games. Whatever you choose, always remember to bet responsibly. Here at NetBet, player wellbeing is our number one priority – check out our Responsible Gambling tips and tools page for more information.