All You Need to Know About Craps

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Here in NetBet casino, you can play thousands of exciting games. We’re not just talking about online slots, which are well and truly entertaining. Every great online casino will have a variety of games on offer, including luck and skill-based table and card games which we’ll feature right here!

History of Craps

Slots, blackjack, roulette, poker – those are the games you see advertised everywhere in online casinos these days. But, what about craps? For a while, it was the go-to pick on Vegas floors, and it still gets solid action online. Here in NetBet casino, we’ve honoured the game with a few variants that you can either bet on the shooter for fun or play a live casino game to get that Vegas rush.

While it is a game of chance, you have to learn a bit about its rules to play it. We’ll cover it all in this guide and let you in on a few craps secrets too.

Craps Rules

The rules of craps are simple as they revolve around two bets – Pass and Don’t Pass (or Come and Don’t Come).

  • You can put your money on either before the come out roll (the first roll of the dice).
  • Bets made on the Pass line win if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, and lose if they roll a 2, 3, or 12. Any other number rolled establishes a point.
  • The Don’t Pass bet is the direct opposite. It wins on a 2, 3, or 12, and loses on a 7 or 11. Any other number is a point.
  • When the point is established, Pass bets win if the shooter rolls the point number before a 7.
  • Conversely, a 7 needs to be rolled before the point number for a Don’t Pass bet to win.

Now that we’ve got the main bets covered, the others are easy to get a hold of. The Come and Don’t Come bets are basically the same as Pass/Don’t Pass, expect they’re made after the come out roll. There are many prop bets on Craps you’ll see in a game, but due to their high house edge, we wouldn’t recommend playing them.

Craps House Edge

The Don’t bets are the best choice as they have a house edge of 1.36%, compared to the Pass and Come bets at 1.41%. If you’re willing to play with a strategy besides its chance-based nature, you should stick to Don’t Pass/Come.

Of course, you can also go wild and put your money on any craps bet. They’re all worth it ranging from 1:1 to 30:1 with 5% commission included. It’s a fun game to play here in NetBet, especially if you pick the live dealer titles which offer a realistic Las Vegas experience.

When you choose NetBet Casino, you can enjoy a whole range of top quality games. Whatever you choose, always remember to bet responsibly. Here at NetBet, player wellbeing is our number one priority – check out our Responsible Gambling tips and tools page for more information.