All You Need to Know About Pachinko


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History of Pachinko

In the sea of slots and casino games you can find online, there are a few gems worth a try. Ever tried arcade games? They don’t come with the gambling element attached but offer just as much fun. Pachinko is one such game that takes the best of both worlds. It is both a fun arcade game and a gambling phenomenon in Japan, filling the slot niche in that market like slot games do in the West.

Pachinko parlours are a hit in Japan, and have been for decades. The game has a long history and exists due to a specific legal loophole. Since gambling for cash is illegal in Japan, pachinko parlours use this loophole to offer low-stakes gaming, rewarding players with special prizes they can later trade for cash.

The first pachinko machines appeared in 1920s. Their mechanical design evolved over the years, with more and more pachinko games adopting virtual slot elements. The newest machines have a lot of electric parts and flashing visuals and sounds, so they need a lot of electricity to operate properly.

How to Play Pachinko

Playing pachinko somewhat resembles both slot games and pinball. Players use a button (or level in the past) to push the metal balls across the field which are hit by a spring. It then passes through a variety of obstacles until they reach the payoff target at the bottom of the machine.

Newer pachinko machines and pachislots (pachinko-slots hybrids) feature bonus rounds and special targets that can pay big money. The goal is to hit a solid win, but everyone’s hunting for the ever-evading jackpots.

Winnings are issued in the form of metal balls. Gambling for real money is illegal in Japan, so the machines can’t pay real money to winning players. However, the balls can later be exchanged for cash to an automated counter where the transaction is made.

Pachinko Strategies

Pachinko is a game of chance just like slots and roulette. You can’t predict where the ball lands or if it lands at all. That’s the beauty of it, but some players still believe in strategies. While there’s no strategy like the Martingale, you have plenty of options to reduce your losses. Among them are setting a cap on your spending, playing responsibly, choosing your games wisely, and not chasing your losses.

If you stick to these tips, you may eventually win a solid amount of metal balls that can be cashed out.

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