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In recent years, fantasy sports have earned quite a popular reputation among sports enthusiasts all over the world. One can easily tell why the world is in love with fantasy sports with a quick study of fantasy sports apps. Fantasy sports apps have become ubiquitous among people who just appear to be looking for other outlets through which they can participate and enjoy a sport they love.

For instance, in India, back in the ’90s, the only sport that almost all age groups found most fascinating was cricket. Most people, if not all, relied on Television, radio, and newspaper analyses to keep up with the sport. In fact, the love for cricket was so endemic one can liken it to a religion.

Today, the young generation still loves cricket to a reasonable extent but they hardly play any form of proper cricket.

Some experts believe technology contributed to this major shift from active participation to involved spectatorship.

From domestic to international sporting events, one can easily catch all the action on the television, computer, and even on smartphones and other smart gadgetry.

Fantasy Sports apps and Sports prediction apps are logical extensions of the high level of interest the young population has in sports, especially when one considers the fact that most of them don’t want to participate in the game directly but from the comfort of their rooms and in front of their respective smart screens.

The merits of fantasy sports explained

Fantasy Sports apps allow you to make predictions about the winner of a game or the scoreline of a game before the result of the game is out. Those who predict correctly are awarded bonus points, hampers, or monetary rewards, in some cases.

With the viewers becoming highly interested in leagues like the Big Bash League, Indian Super League, Hockey India League, Pakistan Super League, to mention a few, mobile app developers in India are rising to the occasion by providing the populace with fantasy sports apps.

In a sense, one could say the Gaming Industry has experienced a marketable obsession among the viewing, explaining why there has been exceptional growth in the fantasy sports sector of the online gaming market.

For sports fans, fantasy sports are an extension of the sports they care about. The fact that fans, wherever they may be, can put together fictional or virtual teams mirroring teams of real players of a professional sport, so that such fictional or virtual teams can contest based on the statistical performance of the real players of a professional sport, tells you a lot about why fantasy sports have become quite the rave.

Fantasy Sports apps create a welcome illusion that gives users a sense of ownership and participation in the affairs of the desired sport. The fact that there’s a competitive bend to fantasy sports also contributes to the attention it draws.

One can win virtual points, money, or hampers for performing in the fantasy sports world. There’s a link between effort and reward, even though an effort is not always determinative of winning.

Fantasy Sports also encourages fans to improve their understanding of a sport they love and the relevant teams because such improved understanding allows users of fantasy sports apps to be able to make informed decisions when playing games virtually.

In addition, people who ordinarily won’t know about each other’s existence owing to geographical barriers are allowed to meet, interact, and forge alliances online. All thanks to fantasy sports.

This is an affirmation of the classic view that sport can be used as a unifying language or force on the global scene.

Top fantasy sport app development companies

Let’s now consider some reputable fantasy sport development companies, that are blazing the trail in terms of building reliable fantasy sports apps for people interested in launching a fantasy sports app.

1. Gamma Stack

This company has earned outstanding recognition for itself in the software industry owing to its fidelity to high standards. The company has been able, time and time again, to develop top of the shelf, futuristic, and user-friendly fantasy sports software for clients.

Gamma Stack is based in Wilmington, North Carolina in the USA. The Company, with its gang of highly qualified IT professionals, provides services including but not limited to fantasy sports, online casino, mobile application development or sports betting software, to mention a few.

2. BR Softech

This company is also known for its outstanding customer relations practices. They develop customized and user-friendly fantasy Sport apps.

They are also well versed in the art of delivering services such as UI Design, Support, and Maintenance, among other services.

In India today, some fantasy sports apps are making the wave in the world of cricket. These apps include but are not limited to LeagueX, MyTeam11, Dugout, and Fan Mojo Fantasy Cricket App.

  1. LeagueX:This is a fantasy sports app that has contributed to the change and growth in cricket fantasy apps. One of the ways they do that is by offering Rs.100 as an incentive to those just joining their community and an additional Rs.50 is used to reward players for referrals. On LeagueX, one is allowed to enter tournaments and win real money.
  2. MyTeam11: This app is similar to the app discussed above. You have to select 11 players from both teams and use your knowledge of cricketing to nominate the best among the lot. MyTeam11 also allows users to enter tournaments and gives joining incentives to new users.
  3. Duggout: you can say this app was designed with cricket fanatics in mind. If you qualify as a cricket fanatic, you can win some real cash, thanks to your knowledge of the game of cricket. The app has a couple of cool features but one worth mentioning is the fact that you can select 3 players as star players, improving your odds of winning money. The app is user-friendly and the company has promo deals that offer new users Rs.50 and another Rs.50 for referrals.

Wrapping Up

A lot has happened in the world of fantasy sports and experts expect the industry to experience explosive growth in the coming years.

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