Esports Betting explained

Esports Betting

Sports betting such as football betting, basketball betting, cricket betting, etc. have been around for a while now and the niche is considered overpopulated by some gambling experts.

This is even though there are still lots of wagers being placed on them.

Esports betting, however, is a relatively novel form of betting online. Esports betting is expected to transform the face of online betting considerably.

Generally speaking, Esports betting is a form of online betting that allows bettors to make real money wagers on various esports titles.

These esports titles can range from virtually all games. Betting on Esports has become quite a popular practice in recent years.

Esports used to be referred to as computer games in the past but the influx of professional gamers, the explosion of tournaments, the involvement of ‘big pocket’ sponsors and former and active elite athletes (investment wise), media hype, and the large prizes changed all of that.

A lot of people don’t consider gaming worthy of being called a sport because of the lack of physical exertion but since games like chess, darts, checkers, etc. are classified as sports, why can’t we have Esports?

Why is the Esports business booming? Lots of reasons.

These reasons include but are not limited to the professional, competitive and lucrative nature of the business.

So that you can get a better understanding of betting on Esports, let’s contrast it to traditional sports betting. Esports is an outlier because of its heavy influence on the internet and since the internet is a dynamic media channel, traditional sports betting is different as it relies mainly on television coverage, among other mediums.

Again, esports are particularly susceptible to meta changes in more ways than regular sports and that reality affects their respective form of betting. Meta changes occur during esports titles with a frequency that’s radically different than that of regular sporting events. But people betting on Esports can count on a reliable supply of information about the meta changes; something we cannot say about regular sports.

One other thing esports has going for it is that there are many titles to choose from. Whether one is the sport type (FIFA, NBA 2K), FPS addict (Overwatch, CS: GO), or MOBA fanatic (LOL, DOTA 2), there are enough esports betting sites out there to cater to one’s needs.

If you’re just starting to develop an interest in esports you might find the wide array of options intimidating or confusing but there’s nothing to worry about.

Let’s explore the type of esports people like to bet on.

CS:GO: This is a simple yet complex esports title popular among esports bettors. One of the reasons why this esports title is popular is because the title makes for a pleasant viewing experience. CS: GO’s competitive events are scattered throughout the year and that means there’s always something to bet on; esports experts believe that’s another strong reason why esports is successful with bettors.

Another popular esports title among bettors is Dota 2. Maybe you’ve heard about the International Dota 2 tournaments, maybe not. But they are the most lucrative events in esports as of now. The tournament rakes in an excess of $25,000,000 in prize pool money every time it’s on.

Bettors love the International Dota 2 tournaments as they are often intriguing and financially rewarding.

What of Leagues of Legends? Have you heard or read about that esports title? Well, if you haven’t, gambling experts believe the title is past its peak but the title continues to draw a large following of esports bettors.

Fortnite? You must have heard about Fortnite. This is one of the most popular video games of all time. In fact, it’s more like a religion when you consider the fact that the game boasts of over 350 million players all over the world.

It is not just a popular game, however, it is also a popular esports.

Fortnite tournaments are known to have had prize pools larger than Wimbledon, Indy 500, and the Masters.

With so much money on the line, Fortnite matches are very intense and exciting. If you want to start betting on esports matches, register an account on as we offer the best esports betting experience out there.

Meanwhile, with Esports Betting, betting on live games is on the rise.

One can bet on live games and be reported sorts before the commencement of a match.

Bear in mind that esports betting is not radically different from betting on traditional or regular sports.

The principle revolves around picking a winner with consideration for the odds. Every digital team has merits and weaknesses and in some instances, one has to make allowance for some unexpected turn of events.

Since most esports matches are streamed live for free, it’s easy to keep track of the matches and other relevant information.

But maybe you also want some insights on what makes a good sports betting site. The best esports betting sites are known for offering realistic bonuses to bettors so that they can become loyal customers.

When you get such offers, don’t assume they are too good to be true.

Again, great esports betting websites process their users’ withdrawal requests promptly. In other words, if you place your sports bets on, you will be amazed to see your request processed in record time.

Similarly, another identifier of a standard esports betting website is the quality of the customer support made available to users.

Wrapping Up

Some esports betting websites struggle with customer registration, issues related to payment method, user experience, among other things.

With you can rest assured we deliver an outstanding customer experience. Similarly, our esport betting websites are designed to be mobile compatible. This is because a good number of esports bettors prefer to bet on the go, using mobile apps or mobile versions of esports betting sites. We also offer bettors a wide array of choices in terms of esports betting.


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