A Basic History of Old Maid


Here in NetBet casino, you can play thousands of exciting games. We’re not just talking about slots or our live casino, which are well and truly entertaining. Every great library will have a variety of games on offer, including luck and skill-based table and card games which we’ll feature right here!

History of Old Maid

When we talk about card games online, our mind races to poker and blackjack first. However, the truth is that there are many other card games out there such as brag or one you may not have heard about before – Old Maid. It’s a game with quite an unusual name that originated in the Victorian period.

Old Maid was most likely a derivate in a social gambling game where the loser pays the drinks. It has since been adapted into a casino game that enjoys a renaissance after coming online. The rules of the game were first recorded in mid-XIX century. Old Maid was then referred to as a ‘newly invented’ game, although its roots go way back. Many historians believe it was derived from the French game Vieux Garson, or from the German card game Black Peter. Both were originally derived from simple social gambling games where the loser pays for the next rounds of drinks.

When Old Maid came out, it was played with a pack of 32 to 52 French deck cards. Due to its popularity in the late XIX and early XX century in Britain, retain packs of Old Maid cards could be found in any store. After the war, the game’s popularity faded away, but it was brought back decades later thanks to online casinos such as NetBet.

How to Play Old Maid Online

Old Maid is not a game you can easily find online, but it is available in our lobby. It’s a simple card game that doesn’t require a lot of know-how like poker or blackjack do. When using a regular deck of cards (52 pack), one card is added or removed. This results in one unmatchable card. In most variants, either the Queen of Clubs is removed or a Joker is added. Some variants have a face down card removed from the top of the deck before the dealing starts.

The dealer will then deal the whole pack to players, one card at a time. Not all players will have an equal number of cards, which is OK. They will then take a look at the cards and discard all the pairs face up. They can then offer their hand face down to the player on the left, at which point that player can pick a card without looking and add it to their hand.

Old Maid comes to a close until no more pairs can be made. The player stuck with an unmatchable card (Old Maid) loses and pays for drinks. Well, if you play the game in a pub. When playing Old Maid online, you simply lose your bet.

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